Over But Not Done Yet [Berashet; Gen 1]
Midrash for the Mess [Berashet; Gen 1]
What's in Your Ark [Noah; Gen 6 ]
You Are Old Father Abraham [Lech L'cha; Gen 12 ]
The Fall of Sarah [Chayyei Sarah; Gen 23]
How Do We See our Loved Ones? [Chayei Sarah; Gen 23]
Hope in Times of Conflict [Toldot; Gen 25]
We Love What We Work For [Toldot-Vayetsei; Gen 28]
If These Stones Could Speak [Vayetsei; Gen 28]
Dream Sermon [Mikketz; Gen 41]
Ethical Wills [Vayechi; Gen 47]
Conferring Blessings [Vay'chi; Gen 48]
Our Wills Be Done [Vay'chi; Gen 48]
Sticks and Stones [Shemot; Ex 1]
The Enduring Essence Shemot [Shemot; Ex 3]
Compassion for Future Generations [Bo; Ex 10]
Interviewing Sages [Mishpatim; Ex 21]
Give it up For God [Terumah; Ex 25]
Bringing Your Gifts to the Table [Terumah; Ex 25]
What About Moses [Tetzaveh; Ex 28]
Who's In Who's Not [Behar-behukotai; Lev 21]
Jews Have Horns [Behar-behukotai; Lev 25]
A Place for Us [Bemidbar; Num 1]
As Others See Us [Balak; Num 22]
Reward and, You Know, That Other Thing [Behukotai; Num 26]
Korach [Korach; Num 26]
But you Promised [Mattot; Num 30]
Haredim Up in Arms [Mattot Maasei; Num 30]
Doubt and Trust [V'etchanan; Deut 3]
Sh'ma A Love Poem [V'etchanan; Deut 4]
How to Eliminate Evil [Ekev; Deut 7]
My Aching Back [Shofetim; Deut 16]
Now What Did We Forget to Pack? [Ki Tetzeh; Deut 21]
Ramping Up the Rhetoric [Ki Tavo; Deut 26 ]


How is Rosh Hashanah like a Flea Market? [Rosh Hashanah]
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